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Water weight is often referred to as bloating and is caused by fluids which are being retained within the body. Bloating and the retention of water in the body can occur for a variety of reasons.

Water weight is the weight that remains in your body from the fluids that are retained in your body which can cause the appearance of weight within the frame. As much as ten pounds can be retained within your body from water weight gain and therefore it is important to take measures to avoid water weight gain within your body.

Although experts do not often recognize water weight as true weight loss, there is indeed a measureable difference in the weight which registers on the scale, as well as the weight which can be seen through your body. Many times, the water that is retained within your body will not you to fit into your clothing. Once your water weight has been reduced you'll be able to easily fit into items of clothing that have been tight in the recent past.

Using weight loss programs that are designed to lose water weight can be an effective way to reduce the appearance of weight and you to prepare for a special weekend or event. Many people take advantage of programs that allow for temporary weight loss, which is often associated with water weight for such occasions.

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